What would happen if…..? By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

What would happen if we were not a connected and genuine part of a patients hearing care. That is to say, what would it be like if the encounter we had a patient simply involved them purchasing a hearing aid, with no care and follow-up visits? Unfortunately, this can be quite commonplace with offices having a retail centered focus.  I believe, the retail or sales visit, would result in an immediate correlation of a “disconnect with the patient”.  Our practice believes in a close and connected relationship with the person needing care in a clinical and professional model.

Even the smallest of issues, can raise the biggest of worries and end in difficulty hearing. Such as a blockage of the sound tube or microphone ports decreasing sound, a missing retention lock affecting the fit and causing a potential loss, a battery issue concern but was actually a result of debris in the receiver port, a cracked tube causing feedback, the hearing devices put in the wrong ear and the receiver wire being bent backyard, the charger being plugged in to an outlet that is turned off by a light switch and not charging the hearing devices overnight, the smart phone app not being updated resulting in a loss of streaming for cell phone calls or streaming, the program settings being forgotten, an incorrect tip being installed on the hearing device and it falling off in the ear canal…AND several more being inserted, falling off, and now causing difficulty hearing and discomfort. The list goes on and on….

Our practice remains committed, involved, engaged, and being in an ongoing close connection with our patients with regular visits. This ensures we remain loyal in reaching successful hearing, tinnitus, and balance goals in the lives of those we serve!



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Dr. Reikowski earned his Masters degree from the University of Akron and completed his Doctorate of Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences in 2004. He began his career working with Dr. Lippy and the Lippy Group in Warren, Ohio. He is now the Owner and Director of Audiology for his private practices in Akron, Northfield, and Parma Ohio. Dr. Reikowski is a member of the Ohio Academy of Audiology, the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology. Dr. Reikowski remains up-to-date with the most current hearing aid technology to better assist his patients and is an advocate for hearing loss education and awareness of the impact of hearing loss on the quality of life. He believes that education is the key in helping those with hearing loss.  He has given numerous speeches and seminars to groups, hospitals, and agencies such as the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission. Dr. Reikowski is the recipient of the 2009 Ohio Academy of Audiology Clinical Excellence Award

10 thoughts on “What would happen if…..? By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

  1. When there’s no follow up care, that’s when we find a lot of patients say they went home and just “threw them in the drawer.” It’s really sad that they miss out on so many things and sounds just because a little time spent could prevent that. I’m glad our offices have such excellent follow up with our patients to help with even the smallest concerns.

  2. It is very nice having a connection with our patients. I look forward to seeing how they have been doing, pictures of their pets, or just how their weekend went. Follow up visits are great!

  3. It’s crazy how much of a connection you build up with the patients and how they become a part of your life, even with seeing them every 3-6 months.

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