The Cochlear Implant Journey – Part 5

Adapting to Hearing the World Around You

After activation, the recipient will likely be hearing many sounds that they have not heard in a while. What they are hearing could also have a different sound quality than what they remember. It is important to practice listening through auditory training. The recipient is learning to listen in a new way so training the auditory system is a very important step in the cochlear implant journey. In conjunction with the use of traditional auditory training programs, I recommend reading a book while listening to the audio version and taking listening walks. A listening walk would require the patient to select a walking partner. As they hear sounds they are not familiar with, their walking partner can confirm what they heard. With practice and regular mapping adjustments, the recipient’s perception of speech and environmental sounds should continually improve. Most recipients are seen by the audiologist 6-8 times in the first year for adjustments as the auditory system continues to adapt to the cochlear implant. After the first year, most patient’s will be seen 2 times a year for regular maintenance. If you think you are candidate or have more questions about cochlear implants, call Cardinal Hearing Centers to schedule a consult.

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