The Cochlear Implant Journey – Part 4

I Am an Audiologic and Medical Candidate, What’s Next?

Pending insurance approval, which begins after you are medically cleared, the recipient will be scheduled for surgery. The surgery is an outpatient surgery and can take just a few hours. Detailed questions regarding the surgery can be answered by the surgical center or the implant manufacturer, Cochlear. After the internal portion of the implant is inserted, the incision must heal before the recipient can begin to use the external processor. Once the incision has healed, the patient will visit Cardinal Hearing Centers for an appointment where the implant will be turned on and programmed which is referred to as activating and mapping the cochlear implant. It is important to remember that what the patient hears in the first few moments of activation varies patient by patient. It is important to not expect to hear clearly on day one as improvement is expected to increase gradually with consistent use of the cochlear implant.

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