The Best Masks for Hearing Aids…. By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D


What’s the best style of mask for hearing aid wearers? This is quite important as the style of mask that fits directly behind the ears have created significant challenges and difficulties for patients wearing hearing aids. In fact, today I saw a patient that lost her hearing device as she removed her mask in the parking lot of a store. This creates quite a costly outcome and challenge with mask use. The majority of hearing aids fit today are the styles that are worn behind the ears, with a receiver wire coming down and into the ear canal. Wearing hearing aids with glasses, has added even greater challenges, especially with the need to use masks. We have found the best style of masks, for patients wearing this style of hearing aid, to use a style that ties in the back, below and above the ears, or with the use of a mask extender.  This allows for the upper tie of the mask to sit above the ears toward the top of the back of the head. When it’s removed, it can easily be pulled up and over the head and thus hang down below the chin, when not needed.

Another quite successful option is to use a mask extender. This attaches to the mask straps and thus bypasses the straps touching the ears. (see pictures) Both of these options allow for successful use of a mask without touching the ears. We hope this was helpful to you.


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