Technology Breaks

With all the advances in technology these days, there is one reality that has not changed and has remained the same. Technology breaks.

Circuits fail, or dogs use hearing devices as a chew toy, or they fall out of our ear without our knowledge, and we run over them with our car. Even fancy technology cannot withstand a good flattening. Technology breaks.

I was out in the community and saw a patient’s spouse, and that patient’s spouse had flattened, and ran over their one hearing aid, leaving them with one. The spouse was frustrated. “Since they ran over their hearing aid, they can’t hear me and I have to repeat myself, and I thought we were past that,” she told me. “Can’t you fix it?”

Sometimes we can, and sometimes it must be replaced. They went on to tell me that it happened over a month ago, and they were so embarrassed they did not want to call, but now it was so frustrating…something needed to happen.

These types of accidents are quite common, and solutions are available, but the practice must know about it. We would never want our patients to be embarrassed, or to let it go on so long that it causes frustration. We are very familiar in how technology can break and fail.

The one lesson that was the most glaring to me over this story was how the failure, and hearing loss affected others. The hearing aid damage not only affected the patient, but their spouse, and family, and even friends. They all had lost that connection.

So, where technology fails, the Practice needs to step up and respond. From the Front Office, to the Audiologist that sees he patient, all are part of the patient’s journey and care. Hearing health is not just about hearing, but also about connection. Family Hearing and Balance Center, and Cardinal Hearing Centers are committed to stepping up every day. We do our best to

do the work so our patients can connect to what is important to them.


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