Super Administrator, Family Hearing and Balance Center

Resound Hearing Devices have a feature in which the Audiologists can make adjustment to the patient’s aids remotely. The programming connects to the patient’s phone over the internet, and the phone is connected to the patient’s hearing aids and patient cares ensues. So help is available from your living room, car, or another state. The design’s purpose is to help during inclement weather, or sickness, or…pandemics.

Who knew?

So, I was working with Resound’s technical support to assure that our providers were set up for this amazing program, and the asked me if I realized that someone is already set up as “Super Administrator.” I did not.

“Do you know who D. Hansen is?”

I did know. That was me. “I am the Super Administrator?” I asked.

“If you are D. Hansen you are.”

I had never had been a Super Administrator before…ask the people I work with. Most of the time I am doing good just to be Decent Administrator, or during off days, Lost and Confused Administrator.

So being Super in that moment and time, I made sure the programming was set up so our Staff was ready to assist. It was an amazing day.

Today, I am Normal Administrator again. But for that moment, I was a super part of the solution for our super patients. It felt good. It felt super.

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