Tinnitus and Misophonia Counseling

We understand the negative concerns caused by noises heard in our head and ears, Tinnitus, as well as the disturbance cause by hearing external sounds, Misophonia. In this, many people find it helpful and meaningful in their journey to talk with a professional. Virtual counseling and mental health services with Sondermind can be a wonderful avenue to pursue.

It’s simple for you or someone you care about to find a licensed therapist.


1.  Go to  hearingbetterohio.withsondermind.com and click on MATCH WITH A THERAPIST

2. Provide your basic contact info and answer a few questions so we can match you with an experienced professional. We are a valued partner with many leading insurance providers.

Insurance coverage varies by state.

3. Check your email for simple instructions on how to set up your profile in the Sondermind portal. Your profile information simplifies insurance processing and billing.

4. Once your portal profile is complete your matched therapist will reach out to schedule your first appointment. (Typically this is within 7 days of completing your profile.

For assistance call: 330-644-1932 or 330-468-4288