Pulling the Mask Off…”Where are my hearing aids?”

In this new reality we find ourselves in, we who wear hearing aids behind our ears have found a new exercise that we have to be wary.

The other day I was wearing a mask in a closed area (good boy) and I was wearing my hearing aids (good boy). Good boy for wearing my hearing aids because I need to, and I don’t like to with my glasses, and now the mask is an added another something behind my hear.

With the mask on, my glasses were fogging so I pulled off the mask. The glasses went flying and I realized that a hearing aid had come out of my left ear. (bad boy) I picked up my glasses and looked for the aid that was pulled out. Nothing. I looked around me. Nothing.

This was not good. The glasses were 19 dollars and the hearing aid was…not 19 dollars. I held up the mask to give it a dirty look for causing this problem, and there it was. The missing hearing aid was tangled in the elastic that was behind my ear.

Now I  wear masks that attach differently and more safely. If I have to wear the type that attaches behind the ear…I am now very, very, very, very, very, very, very careful. Careful is the word of the day these days, and very is even more important. We continue to look for masks that are hearing aid friendly and we will share them when we find them.

Stay safe.

Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay

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