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Oticon RemoteCare - Life-changing technology
Oticon RemoteCare - Life-changing technology
Connect to patients with Oticon RemoteCare
During uncertain times, communication with your patients is vital to maintain relationships and address concerns. Valuable tools like Oticon RemoteCare provide a unique opportunity to let patients know you are there for them.
  • Remotely adjust and fine‑tune hearing aids in a virtual appointment, while patients stay safe at home.
  • Talk to patients about how the latest advances in technology can help them navigate challenging times.
  • With first fit with Oticon RemoteCare, you have the ability to fit new hearing aids remotely for select patients with valid audiograms.
Refer to the Oticon RemoteCare guide for step‑by‑step instructions on remote fittings with both existing and select new patients.
Reach out to your patients today
We’ve developed customizable emails and social posts to make it easy for you to let your patients know your practice now offers a telehealth solution that can help them meet their hearing health care needs remotely.

The emails and posts are tailored to allow you to reach out to current patients as well as to newer patients who may have discussed amplification, but who have not yet purchased devices.

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Work with your office management software partners
Companies like BluePrint Solutions and Sycle can assist you with practice management software that will make reaching out to your patients easy and efficient. At a time when staying in touch is more important than ever, Oticon RemoteCare creates more opportunities for you to connect with patients and reinforce your commitment to their hearing health!

Contact your Oticon Account Manager today to get started in offering this valuable telehealth solution to your patients.

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RemoteCare is not a substitute for an in person fitting of a hearing aid. Providers must schedule in person appointments with their patients to confirm the fitting settings as soon as practical. RemoteCare is not a substitute for clinical judgment and does not make clinical determinations. Providers are responsible for programming the appropriate settings in RemoteCare pursuant to their own clinical judgment. Providers performing RemoteCare services must be licensed in the state in which the patient is located during the RemoteCare session or comply with the appropriate state’s telehealth rules during this global pandemic. It is solely the responsibility of the provider to determine and adhere to local licensing laws.

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