It was worth the trip!

This morning was perfect timing to help a patient connect her Samsung smartphone to her new Resound Quattro rechargeable digital hearing aids, purchased months ago. The time has come that her smartphone can now connect for full wireless audio streaming, as we now have the necessary software updates for android users! It was a fantastic moment for her as she heard my voice stream directly to her hearing devices when I called her, as well as hear a movie streaming from Facebook and Youtube.

She exclaimed, “It was worth the hour trip”! The hearing labs are working effortlessly to ensure that we can help our patients achieve these great successes.  Often, we can become complacent to what we can and cannot do. In our practice, we strive to bring the benefits of technology to help people to hear better, reduce the negative effects of tinnitus, as well as to understand their balance and fall concerns, and even connecting a Samsung smartphone to new hearing aids.


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