It seems just fine….


I have been hearing this quite often after I ask, how are you hearing? It seems just fine….can translate to a comfort in hearing, sounds being audible and clear, hearing in background noise with understandability, and simple contentment. The new hearing technology and advancements in digital processing is astounding. We stand with confidence of the benefits with current digital hearing aids and in this, we strive to become a part in improving people’s quality of life. Helping patients to hear new things, that have been forgotten over years of missing these sounds, is exciting!

It’s also exciting to resolve issues patients have had with their older hearing aids. It’s actually quite effortless at times. For over 23 years, we are appreciative of the surrounding physicians finding our practice a place for their patients to seek answers and solutions. Staff education and training is a key in developing patient care plans. Whether this be for those with difficulties hearing, resolving tinnitus and its corresponding stress and negative symptoms, or understanding ones balance and fall concerns, we are dedicated to being a practice serving these needs.


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