How Much Can My Ears Hold: Dale Hansen, Practice Administrator

I heard a joke the other day that I thought was just hilarious.

“I was reading a Thesaurus, and I thought it was terrible. In other words it was terrible.”

That joke just cracked me up…and then I realized it was because I am old. As I have aged, I have had to submit to reading glasses because my arm wasn’t long enough to read the printed word. As I aged further, then I had to submit to hearing aids. All of a sudden my ears were holding up not only reading glasses, but hearing aids and reading glasses.

Today presents further changes in social norms in that one is required to wear a mask. So now my poor ears had to hold up reading glasses, hearing aids, and now masks. How much can a set of ears hold up? Good thing they are getting bigger as I get older.

So eventually something was going to have to give. I couldn’t give up the reading glasses because well, I can’t read the printed word. I couldn’t give up hearing aids because well, then I couldn’t hear the spoken word. I can’t go without a face mask. So, I had to find a different mask than one that attaches to my ears.

My favorite thus far is the “ghluv” (spelled correctly). It is antimicrobial, and goes from the face, under the ears and around the back of the neck. When I pull it from my face it looks like an ascot. It is easy to breath through, and is washable and reusable.  So, there is a solution, one just has to do some research.

Masks are  here to stay for awhile and our ears are going to have to step up. What I miss the most are the smiles, in other words…the smiles.

Image by Shameer Pk from Pixabay

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