How is Family Hearing and Cardinal Hearing Different from Others? Dale Hansen, Practice Administrator

I have been asking myself that question over the past couple of weeks. Since March I have been accessing books about business and service. They all speak of a common thread in who you serve, and how you need to separate yourself from the pack. You cannot serve everyone, and you should not be a “me-too” provider…”me-too” as in your competitor has widgets, and you would answer, “me too.”

So, what makes Family Hearing & Balance Center different?

What makes Cardinal Hearing Centers different?

There really is only one answer.

The people with whom I work.

Another practice probably has the same hearing aids, but they do not have the people. A patient does not come to see a hearing aid, they come to see the smile at the front window. Fortunately, we have some of the best smiles in the business. We had one patient leave our office, and mentioned that they were going to another appointment. They asked if our people could take care of them there.

Another practice has phones, but they do not have our people answering them. When they call, they want the office to listen and be compassionate. Fortunately, we have the best listeners in the business.

Most practices have Doctors of Audiology, but they do not have our Doctors. Patients trust their Audiologist to solve their concerns, and then maybe have a laugh or two. Fortunately, I hear a lot of laughter in our offices, and very few problems come to my desk as unsolvable.

So, others may have a staff that answer the phones, but not our people who create the experience. Others may have doctors who can help with hearing aids, but not ours that provide them with a smile, and provide expert hearing health. Sometimes our offices even get cookies as a thank you.

So, thank you Dr. Reikowski, who through your vision started a place of healing and hearing health, and not just a hearing aid store.

Thank you Terry for your kindness, and for keeping us, and the numbers straight.

Thank you Dr. Welman for your compassionate patient care. Thank you for your leadership.

Thank you Dr. Porter for your joy. It lights up your office and your patient care.

Thank you Gail for your watchful eye over our patients, and your kindness to others.

Thank you Marie for just being Marie.

Thank you Tiffany for being so welcoming, and rock solid in how you support the people with whom you work.

Thank you all. It is what separates us from any other hearing aid practice and makes me grateful to work with the greatest group of people in my career. You cannot find that in any book.


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