Enrichment of sound is different than volume… By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

Speech clarity and audibility of sound is very different than loudness and volume. A patient and musician went on to remark, how can detail come, in the bass of the volume through the pluck of the string, or stroking of the bow with a violin. This patient brought up wonderful connections to his love of music and playing various instruments. He related his hearing loss to the clarity of sounds vs the loudness of the world around him. I gained a great perspective of how he compared his new digital hearing devices and how they improved the detail and speech around him. Whereas before, things were simply made louder with his older hearing aids. He saw a richness in hearing better, in real-terms, and how much better it actually could be.

I love being a part of these conversations and for the humble ability to help make it happen.


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Dr. Reikowski earned his Masters degree from the University of Akron and completed his Doctorate of Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences in 2004. He began his career working with Dr. Lippy and the Lippy Group in Warren, Ohio. He is now the Owner and Director of Audiology for his private practices in Akron, Northfield, and Parma Ohio. Dr. Reikowski is a member of the Ohio Academy of Audiology, the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology. Dr. Reikowski remains up-to-date with the most current hearing aid technology to better assist his patients and is an advocate for hearing loss education and awareness of the impact of hearing loss on the quality of life. He believes that education is the key in helping those with hearing loss.  He has given numerous speeches and seminars to groups, hospitals, and agencies such as the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission. Dr. Reikowski is the recipient of the 2009 Ohio Academy of Audiology Clinical Excellence Award

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