Does that work for you….? Family Hearing and Balance Center

Patients who I have known for years shared a story of a recent dinner they had with friends, who had recently purchased hearing aids online.

During dinner, the conversation came up about how their friend is wearing hearing aids ordered online and received via mail. They asked their friend, who was wearing the hearing aids how they were working, she said they’re fine and her husband, from behind shook his head no as if she she doesn’t hear well. He said, she hears horribly, off to the side. She however commented, oh yea, go to the website and then you order what you want. They come in the mail and it’s that easy….. In bewilderment, her husband shrugged his shoulders, what can I do?

Does she notice a slight improvement and this is all she knows? Quite possibly, that is the case, but can you imagine how much better her hearing abilities would be with appropriately and prescriptively fit hearing devices. Please don’t take a chance and hope for improvement through mail order….

We are here to help, it is what we do.


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