A lovely card from Rosey…. Cardinal Hearing Centers

A patient called the office last week in need of batteries. I mailed her 2 packs so she could get them by the weekend. She sent me a lovely thank you card expressing her kind words of appreciation, along with a beautiful poem that she wrote. We would like to share it with all of you.

I hope you find it as moving as I do.


Year of Confusion


Rosemary L.

A nightmare is a Dream gone astray,

Like a Snowstorm arrived on a bright sunny day ~

This maddening year of Twenty-Twenty,

Has craziness within “more than-a-plenty”!


Last year ended with all systems “A-Go”,

Champagne toasts and Beer did flow ~

Then out of the Blue a Virus was born,

And all Hell broke loose one early morn.


No one is safe, no age is immune,

We all must dance to Covid’s tune ~

Washing our hands day after day,

And six feet apart, we all must stray.


There is no cure, not as of today,

Thousands have died, or lost their way ~

Anger has risen, Hate in full bloom,

Looting and killing is sealing out tomb!


Together is how we all must stand,

All over the world, and in our land ~

To mend our Earth, and make it whole,

Hope is the Anchor for our Soul!

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