Yep, it went through the washer AND dryer…. By Dr. Richard Reikowski Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

Had a great chat this morning with a patient who I have come to enjoy very much, as we sit and chat about many topics, and sometimes we even talk about hearing…..:)

He shared with me how he was working outside on various projects that involved cutting and chopping wood, so he changed his clothes prior to working and threw them in the washer. After he finished the hard work of cutting down trees and chopping wood, he came inside and changed his clothes again. He put the clothes from the washer to the dryer, as he normally does, without thinking. After a little time, and after the dryer was finished, he immediately wondered where his wireless Phone Unite + might be, as he always wears it clipped to his shirt to link his droid smart phone to his Resound digital hearing devices. He then thought it must have been on his first shirt and was amazed, and initially horrified, to then find it in the dryer with the clothes after the cycle was finished! Yikes….!!!

He was VERY pleasantly surprised that the blinking light came on the Phone Unite + ….yeaa!, the connection to his hearing devices was fine….yeaaaa!, and then he placed a quick call and all was FINE! ……….Yeaaaaaaa!!!

It’s great when you get lucky like that….:) It’s a pleasure to work with such great people and technology! Thanks for sharing the story JS!



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  1. Dale Hansen

    All I can do is laugh.
    This is a real life story!
    I am surprised it didn’t melt.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Glad it did Dale!
      Yes, surprising it didn’t melt!

  2. Gail Reagan

    Great story…. yeaa!! Happy for him!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Thanks! same here!

  3. Joanne Upton

    OK am giving this one a month and then will see if he comes back in with problems. It’s a great story and am also surprised it didn’t melt something inside.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      LOL…giving ti one month…:) Yes, a great story!

  4. Jen Subotnik

    So glad that so far, everything thing is so good!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      I am too!

  5. Amy

    I hate when things like that happen.

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