Trying a New Tinnitus Device called Desyncra: Skeptical and Willing at the Same Time

“I’m doing bees.”

“You’re doing what?”


“Are you out of your mind?”

“I will admit that I am terrified and excited at the same time.”

Dr. R’s New Neighbors

Dr. Reikowski’s “terrified and excited at the same time” statement stuck with me. He is creating beehives at this writing and tells me that a little bit of respect is a good thing when doing this. I am impressed with his efforts in helping the environment, and taking on the challenge with a dual emotional state.

Terrified but excited.

Being self aware of how we truly feel is so important, even if a couple things are going on at once. If one is afraid of public speaking, but is excited to communicate the message in which they are passionate, they are experiencing such a duality. Most of us get stuck at the first emotion.

“Fear. I am afraid. I am afraid of public speaking. I am afraid to get stung by bees.” One fights the uncomfortable feelings, and deep down, they want to overcome the fear.

So let’s start at “deep down”, and instead of looking at deep down as something to look to, start there and be okay with how you feel.

“I am afraid, and that is okay. I want to raise bees.”

I had a similar experience with a new Tinnitus Device named: 

As the Practice was evaluating the science of the device, Dr. Reikowski asked me if I would start the treatment process. I have had tinnitus for years, and I have had help, but there was nothing available that did  anything but reduce the tinnitus. I was skeptical to say the least. Then I found out that the wearing requirements was 4 hours minimum. I was even more skeptical.

As we discussed the options, Dr. Reikowski pointed out to me that in doing this, we can learn a few things, and the end result could be someone finds help. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I became skeptical and willing at the same time. That discussion took me from the how (how was I going to get 4 hours of wear time?) to the why (it could help someone).

Once I sat with, and was okay with being skeptical, we moved forward with helping. The first evaluation determined what frequency my tinnitus resided in and then they set the therapy volume. The ear pieces were like two hearing aids hardwired to the device, which was an Apple iPod. I couldn’t download music, but the quality of the device was Name Brand. The tones bounced from ear to ear at volume that was in the background, around the corner, and not distracting at all.  I functioned very well throughout my day and only had to answer the “what’s that thing?” a couple of times. I had to be aware that it probably would look right in church.

I learned to work through the wearing schedule. It was no more complicated than wearing and iPod and I do 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours at night while I am sitting there reading or watching TV. The tinnitus was louder at first, but within 8 weeks, I realized I went to sleep the night before without a fan. Let me say that again…WITHOUT A FAN. Eventually I had to concentrate to hear the tinnitus. We have had a number of sessions, and in the last one, it was really difficult to pair my tinnitus with the programming protocol. A good thing.

I do have a hearing loss, and I pair the Desyncra with the tinnitus program in my hearing aids, but not at first. The first 4 weeks I didn’t wear them an still noticed a reduction.

Skeptical and willing has turned into encouraged and hopeful.

In the services we provide, we are constantly helping people move past the how and get to the why.

How – “I have lost my hearing. I have no control over it and it is frightening. How can I do something without looking old?”

Why – “Losing your hearing is frightening and frustrating.  Please understand that your feelings are okay and a normal response. You will be able to hear your grandchildren. You will hear sounds that you forgot about. A world of your youth will open up to you once again. You will be able to go to sleep without a fan.”


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  1. Amy

    Moral of the story: facing your fears gives a “sweet” reward. In these cases either honey or the sweet sound of silence.

    • Richard Reikowski

      Yes, right on Amy. Nice!

  2. Marie

    Very cool. Love the bee suit.

  3. Jen Subotnik

    This is great! It is an amazing thing to be able to pin point our fear and then break through them. I am so glad that the treatment is bringing your relief!

    • Richard Reikowski

      Yes, to pinpoint our fears is a good thing!

  4. Gail Reagan

    Great details of your journey…. thank you for sharing!

  5. Joanne Upton

    Walking thru that valley of fear and reflecting back on it, shows how much you are held up and by facing that fear how strong you become. The saying “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” is so true.

    • Richard Reikowski

      Well said and thank you for sharing! Yes, that saying is quite true isn’t it.

  6. Richard Reikowski

    Very nice comparison of the bees and your comment…”Skeptical and willing has turned into encouraged and hopeful”. We do see things in our lives that bring upon many different feelings including not wanting to do something or a fear of it. Often, with understanding the fears lessen and discover that it was a good move in the right direction. Thank you for sharing your experiences with Desycnra Dale!

  7. Kristie Dannemiller-Smith

    I am so glad this worked out for you Dale!! Love that you had the courage to try something so new!

    • Richard Reikowski

      I am as well Kristie!

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