Tinnitus Therapy While You Dream…Is No Longer a Dream: Dale Hansen, Tinnitus Sufferer, Practice Administrator, Family Hearing and Balance Center

Being a tinnitus sufferer myself, I found the greatest difficulty in my tinnitus therapies is in the time spent in therapy. It took discipline to put the device on and continue to use it 4-6 hours every day. The end result was that my tinnitus focus has decreased significantly, and I now fall asleep without aid from music, or the TV, or a fan running. That was 2 years ago.

(But the time spent…)

As a sponsor for ATA (American Tinnitus Association), we are constantly evaluating newer technologies, and when we found the Levo System, the idea of allowing therapy as you sleep was very exciting.

Dr. Reikowski asked me what I thought about therapy during sleep.

“It would have freed up a lot of my day!” I laughed. If I had the opportunity, it would have been my first choice…hands down! It is simple. It ends up you are wearing an iPod with earbuds as you sleep. I was doing that as it was.

We are having another Tinnitus Day on January 24th at Family Hearing and Balance Center. I invite you to come and give it a try. It could change your sleep routine. Reducing tinnitus helped mine.

Below is the ATA description from their website for Levo. We are encouraged.

From the ATA description of Otoharmonics and the Levo system: Otoharmonics has developed a new home therapy system to enable a comfortable and personalized method for managing tinnitus. Understanding that no two people are alike, our team harnessed advanced discoveries in neuroscience to develop a therapy that is uniquely tailored to the patient. No more one size fits all solutions. No more trying to drown out tinnitus with ambient noise. With a personal approach and a deep understanding of the impact tinnitus can have, the Levo System by Otoharmonics is designed to be user friendly and capable of delivering custom sound therapy that is based on the specific needs of each person.​


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  1. Jen Subotnik

    Very nice Dale!

  2. Marie

    It’s great we have more options to offer our patients now

    • Dale Hansen

      they are going to find this very helpful
      thanks Marie

    • Richard Reikowski

      It sure is Mary!

  3. Joanne Upton

    Very nice that more and more help is coming to tinnitus patients.

    • Richard Reikowski

      It sure is Joanne!

  4. Gail Reagan

    That’s great that it’s working for you! And looking forward to it helping others as well.

    • Richard Reikowski

      I am as well!

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