Optimism to help Tinnitus sufferers….. Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

We have our eyes wide open, with an unbiased and clinical mindset, when addressing tinnitus in our practice. Options, considerations, variables, and solutions can be found in so many ways to help those with sounds or ringing in their ears or head. What if there was a device available and a true means to reduce one’s tinnitus? Can we reduce the negative feelings and emotions that tinnitus and the ringing in the ears causes? I am hopeful and optimistic with the tested, FDA cleared, and clinical minded devices that can effectively help a person’s quality of life. We can change how people interpret or view their tinnitus. We witnessed successes with patients feeling that they don’t hear the ringing in their ears at all, after treatment. We are working currently with tinnitus management during nighttime sleeping. Namely, the Leo device by Otoharmonics is intended for such specific needs. The list is endless for ways to help during waking hours, at work, social events, etc.

It’s quite common to have patients report that they don’t notice their tinnitus when their hearing is improved with digital hearing devices or hearing aids. The thought, in cases where a hearing loss exists, is that we provide amplification of sound thus providing audibility of the areas of speech that is missing. Thus, the tinnitus tends to become secondary. The improvements in hearing then become the main benefit and the tinnitus takes a “back seat”. We offer ways in which people can customize or adjust the tinnitus management, quite effectively. This allows for control or benefits to change what has become so dominant, the unwanted noises or tinnitus.

We are here to help people understand the optimism that we believe and have seen….. in a whole new way.


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  1. Marie

    what a nice fall picture.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      I liked it too!

  2. Gail Reagan

    What wonderful technology we have now!!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Yes, right on!

  3. Amy

    Nice article.

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