How can a cat named Caleb help us to hear? Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D, Family Hearing and Balance Center Akron, Ohio

I have the pleasure and joy throughout the day to become a part of people’s lives. Helping others to improve their quality of life is an intriguing and exciting process. I recall recently having helped an elderly woman to hear better within her home environment. She particularly wishes to hear her husband better. Communicating has previously been quite challenging and frustrating to her and her husband.
Upon various adjustments to her hearing device settings, we found some nice improved quality of hearing and word understanding. Towards the end of our visits we’d sit and chat about many things, and I recall our recent conversation very well  about “Caleb” her cat.

“Caleb”, she seemed to beam with a smile as she said,”Helps her to hear better.”

I asked,”How?”

She replied,”That he is always near her. When Caleb hears a car pull into her drive he looks toward the window and driveway. When a thunderstorm approaches he acts differently and becomes restless. Caleb looks intently when a fly is near and ready to pounce….
Her cat is able to help her locate where sounds coming from. He even gets her attention when the phone rings by coming near and looking toward to phone.”

She and I had a great time talking about how much her cat meant to her. She is achieving very positive results for the severity of her hearing loss and to understand what Caleb means to her is truly great to hear!
She remarked how precious her cat is to her for not only being a companion pet but for allowing her to “her to monitor the world around her”. Our pets are very important to our lives. It’s in moments such as these that truly make me fortunate to be a part of peoples lives.

I would like to encourage anyone to tell me about how their pet helps them to hear better…..

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