Guide Dogs do more than just guiding… By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

Guide or Therapy dogs serve with all that they have and all that they are trained to do. They may help the blind find their way. They may alert someone with a hearing loss of dropped keys or vehicles approaching. They may provide companionship for those with depression and anxiety. They may visit the sick in a hospital or treatment facility. They do a bunch of things to simply be there for the most important things for each person they call their owner. Simply put, Guide or Therapy Dogs serve others.

These companions are life savers, they are there when no one else can be, they are also there with a look meaning….you are their “total world”. They are a blessing for all they serve.

My cousin visited the other day with his companion dog and I have to say his dog was cute and well behaved. When we see these dogs going to places that might seem unusual, please keep in mind that they serve a much more important need than just hanging out with their owner.

With compassion, dogs give so much! Please, share your experiences with these pups!



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  1. Kristie Dannemiller-Smith

    Very cool!! When we are out, I have to tell my 4 year old to not pet or bother service dogs because they have such an important job to do for their owners.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Thank you Kristie! That’s good advice as tempting as it is to not pet a cute pup!

  2. Marie

    I love that she smiled in the picture! Very sweet and smart!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Same here. Great smile. Thanks Mary!

  3. Dale Hansen

    That is the best face ever!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Dale, A cute one huh!…:)

  4. Gail Reagan

    Just got to love them!!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Bark bark..True!

  5. Joanne Upton

    A service dog with a smile.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Right on…with a smile!

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