Goodness always wins! ……. By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

I sometimes sit back and realize just how blessed I am, by each and every moment. These blessings may come in many different ways. Conversations that go well, that don’t go well, a problem solved, a problem unresolved, a disconcerting moment, a smooth and comfortable moment. In each of these, we have to remain connected to the goal of helping others.

In our practice, it truly is a joy to share in the moments that are important to others. Often, the conversation starts with solving a problem that has affected one’s day negatively. This may be feedback, whistling, difficulty hearing, misunderstanding, change in tinnitus awareness, etc. Have as your basis to do things with goodness. Goodness begins with a humble approach to seek the answer, seek the right solution, and to choose to be a part of a patient’s life and needs.

It is our duty, responsibility, and goal, to engage in the sole outcome of a patient’s success. It is in these moments, and in this mentality, that “goodness always wins”!


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  1. Marie

    Very nice. 🙂

    • Dr Reikowski

      Thanks Mary!

  2. Gail

    I agree 🙂

    • Dr Reikowski

      Thank you Gail!

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