Forever Grateful! Says a patient…By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

My day begins and ends with gratitude - positive affirmation words on a vintage slate blackboard

Hi Dr. Rich,

You won’t believe what just happened!  After driving home from shopping, I realized my left hearing aid wasn’t in my ear. I immediately drove back to the store. I went to the app & tapped on Finder. But apparently the door had not been shut all the way because it was not showing up in the Finder. I had just put them in before I went into the store. I searched my car & retraced my steps several times & spent 2 hours looking for it. I asked employees & left my name & number at customer service. But refused to leave because I knew it had to be there. Even though the Finder displayed it wasn’t turned on, I kept looking at the Map.  At first it showed the last time I had it in was at my house (it gave my address. So cool!)  However, now it’s showing the left one in the same area as the right!  The right one was lit up but the left was in grey. I searched the parking lot again, in the rain. I finally went back in the store.  I was standing near the registers praying, I looked down at the Map and it displayed BOTH where right there! Miraculously, the indicator came on!! I could actually see it connecting! I was so stunned I could hardly move. But finally I started tracking it moving back and forth when the the red line went up and down indicating closer or further away. I finally stood in one place when it indicated it was there & looked around. I was standing behind the register where I had previously checked out. Looking down all I could see was lots of  dust balls. Suddenly, I carefully used my toe to move the dust & THERE IT WAS!! I almost cried. It was in 2 pieces. The back had fallen off. Somehow the indicator came back on because the door still wasn’t shut all the way.

When I saw the condition I thought, “Well at least I found it. Hopefully. Rich can fix it.” But then I snapped it back on & its working GREAT! It’s a miracle! Thanking God for helping me find it!

If it wasn’t for the Finder, I would have NEVER found them!

Thank you so much for these awesome high tech hearing aids!

Forever grateful,


****Dear C.M,

Thank you for sharing this awesome story.

Absolutely, I will be glad to help!



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  1. Gail Reagan

    Well how awesome is that!! I love the patient’s word-for-word description how it all worked out!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Yes, I did as well in such detail!

  2. Joanne Upton

    You can hear the panic in this blog when the writer lost it and then the determination of finding the aid. What a great outcome and thank goodness for this technology! There’s a lot to be said for being grateful everyday!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      Yes, her concerns and relief was apparent. Much to be grateful!

  3. Kristie Dannemiller-Smith

    Love this!! The new app for finding lost hearing aids in both the Resound and Starkey devices are amazing!!!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      I’m very happy that you liked this article!
      You’re right, the app in such amazing hearing aid technology as this is amazing!

  4. Dale Hansen

    What a nice testimonial. It is a feel good story at its best. This tuff works.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Thank you Dale! It sure does!

  5. Marie

    A happy ending. I love it. So cool that it worked even when it wasn’t fully together. wow.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Yes, a happy ending is always nice!

  6. Jen Subotnik

    This patient was so happy that she wrote this e-mail, she called me the day it happened and she sent a thank you card to our office! It was so fun to share in her excitement.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Yes, she sure was!

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