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It was a beautiful morning as I was driving. The sunroof was open as I was listening to Jazz, and I was on time for my next appointment. It was peaceful. In my line of sight as I was going down the road, there was the moon sitting a pure blue sky. I had never seen anything like that…in my life.

Suddenly, a Lexus come flying around me because we had come upon a four lane road, and it was moving. Then a black truck roared around me, and a red truck did the same thing. It looked like NASCAR in front of me and they were all going fast. I know this because we all passed a “This is your speed” sign and the front runner was so far over the speed limit it flashed red. It was a quarter to the hour so I figured they were all late to work or something. I was 2 mph over, so I let off my gas. They went over the next hill and were gone.

I went back to the moon and the breeze and my jazz. It was a new experience and it was peaceful.

As I came over the next hill I approached a red light, and guess who was all sitting there?

A Lexus, and red truck, and a black truck.

There we were! We were all in the same place at the same time, and I know that I received the better part of that deal. I was present to the moment in this whole experience, and I can pretty much guarantee that they were not. They were stressed and late and in a hurry. They were disengaged from the moment and I know didn’t notice the moon, nor the beautiful morning. I was struck by the reality of what is missed when one is not engaged in the present.

With my hearing loss, I have had this experience. When in a noisy restaurant with friends, I sometimes can’t follow the conversations. I go inward.

We talk about this a lot at the practice. Part of what happens with improving hearing loss, with improved technology, is the person finds themselves participating. They find themselves not only hearing, but understanding, and being in the moment.

In my moment I saw something I had never seen before. It was something.

May your moments help you to hear something you never heard before. That could be something.



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  1. Gail Reagan

    Too many people are in a hurry these days. I’m that way a lot. We need to slow down and enjoy more of the moments.

    • Richard Reikowski

      Yes, to slow down is a good thing Gail. Right on.

  2. Joanne Upton

    Nice blog! Very reflecting and true about driving in a hurry. I’m a fast driver and pass Kristie a lot on the road! But I also know when to slow down and reflect and check out all that is around me. I’ve taught my kids that too and they understand.

    • Richard Reikowski

      I also liked Dale’s blog very much

  3. Richard Reikowski

    Such a nice article Dale. I am truly appreciative of you sharing these daily stories and how well they tie into our practice! Stay in the moment. Nice!!

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