Bee’gin to learn…… By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center

Sometimes, with all new things, we simply need to commit and begin to learn…. It’s fun teaching others about their hearing. It’s a passion of mine to help those suffering from tinnitus to find ways to “lessen the noise.” It’s so interesting for me to learn more of Misophonia and ways in which I can help people to become a part of the noises without fear, stress, distraction, and frustration. I am becoming more aware of how Misophonia negativity affects people being around others, in work settings, and simply being at home. Noises in their environments cause such debilitating effects of needing to leave the room, anger, and thus impacting people’s relationships. I may not have all of the answers to resolve Misophonia, but I am learning….

We are committed to serve those having vertigo and dizziness to regain their independence and confidence in mobility and walking.

Each of these areas; hearing, tinnitus, vertigo, and Misophonia can affect ones quality of life to such deep levels.

It’s ever rewarding and fulfilling to have the opportunity to help people to have better days. Let’s bee-happy and jump into learning!

Thank you to Lisa Britzman of Campo De Flori for the awesome bee picture!



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  1. Joanne Upton

    Never stop learning.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      Right on!

  2. Jen Subotnik

    Love the picture! The pollen looks like it’s sparkling!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      I love the pic too Jen!

  3. Marie

    That is quite some buzz.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      LOL! Buzz Buzz!

  4. Kristie Dannemiller-Smith

    It is always important to keep learning!!

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      True…keep learning!

  5. Gail Reagan

    There’s an answer for everything, we just have to keep looking. There’s something to learn every day.

    • Richard Reikowski Post author

      yes, there sure is…answers and learning…:)

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