Are those church bells ringing or is that my tinnitus? By Dr. Richard Reikowski, Au.D Family Hearing and Balance Center Akron, Ohio

This is the time of year when we will hear many church bells of those wishing for kind donations, outside in the cold, as well as those coming from a nearby church we attend. This is also quite descriptive of a person that is experiencing consistent high pitched tinnitus or ear ringing. Often, a person is experiencing the “ringing in the ears”, as loud enough that they feel others can possibly hear, coming from their own head or ears. We recognize that this complaint is quite serious and causes a significant degree of negative affects on one’s life. A lack of sleep, lack of daily focus, inability to hear quite whispers, feelings of depression and many others describe the effects that “ringing ears” have on a persons quality of life. We also should recognize the loudness levels that church bells can reach. For those with tinnitus, sensitivity to loud noises can cause quite a degree of anxiety as well as enhanced and louder tinnitus.

Our office emphasizes solutions for tinnitus, reducing the loudness and attention a person hears the sounds. Our clinical Audiology staff places a true interest in each patient we are honored to serve. Thank you to all of those that have already been served at our offices in Akron, Barberton, Northfield, as well as in Parma.  I want to especially thank Melanie for sharing this idea with me.

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